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French music and jazz standards: solo with piano or with the addition of cellist Pawel Walerowski

Diablo Rhythm Wranglers for western swing, country, bluegrass or folk:

 full five piece band,  trio or duo.  We are modular!

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Here's what people have said about my solo performances:


"We just had dinner at Barrel Aged and I can't tell you what a special experience it became to be sitting in our town of Martinez (our favorite restaurant here for sure!) and to hear such a lovely voice while we dined. .... Anyway, just wanted to say thanks, as your kind of talent makes the world a better place :) "

"Your singing gives me goosebumps"

"You've put together quite a repertoire"

"The French songs she sings are the ones we grew up with."

"You've got a golden voice there"

"I had a lovely time tonight and it was largely because of you"

"Je suis venue rien que pour vous voir et je ne regrette pas!"

"Your voice is so clear, when I walked in, I was sure it was a CD playing".
"I'd like to know who your voice teacher was. Your voice is so rich in  the lower tones, yet you can still reach the high notes."

"What a voice, I can't believe your voice!"

"I think you got some new fans tonight."

"Everybody loves Deborah!"


Hi, Deborah --

I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance 
last Sunday at the Bay Street shopping mall: I enjoyed it deeply and 
How refreshing to hear someone singing of love (excuse me, en Francais, 
l'amour) with songs ranging from Porter to Piaf ... with lots of stops 
in between. I think there was even a piece from a Disney film in the 

The love in the songs, as well as the love in your voice and in 
your performance, came across wonderfully.

Torn between paying my attention to my work at the audio-video 
store opposite of where you were performing, and more enjoyably 
listening to you, I was the guy who said, "What, no Brel?" and later 
dropped you off some water. I used to be an Equity stage manager and 
did J_acques Brel Is Alive ... _many years ago, falling in love with his 

So, I wish you continued success.

And continued love.

Thanks for the songs last Sunday afternoon.