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A little background information about some of my songs...more to come! 

Last Call - While producing the CD of the final concert of the Ska band I was in during the 80s, I heard an announcement over the PA from the venue, saying, "Last Call for Alcohol" and I got the idea for that lyric.  An ambiguous relationship and a reluctant "I guess we're going home tonight"...

Harbor - Kathy Everitt wrote these lyrics and the melody just about wrote itself!  They speak of providing harbor to one who is lost, stuck, in a dessert...needing to find the ocean and get sailing again.

Holding the Pieces - I felt compelled to write this about anger and frustration one feels when learning of suicide. Written from the spouse's view, trying to feel compassion and understanding in the face of this loss but left "holding the pieces" to raise the children when the other has "checked out early." A dark song, but something I needed to get out at the time.

Ruth - a tribute to my mom's big sister, known for her fashion flair, sound advice and undying optimism!
One Water  (Lyrics by Kathy Everitt) - Kathy said the lyrics were inspired by an air she used to hear from a cook who worked for her dad in Louisiana way back when.  When I read the words, I heard the blues!

Open Door Dreaming (Lyrics by Kathy Everitt)- I love the airy feel of these lyrics; literally,  with "open window, open door!" As soon as I read them, I knew it had to be a waltz.  I love performing this one.

Not Singing the Blues (I'm Saying Good bye to You) - We all need a happy release song about ending a relationship, don't we?

Black and White World featuring cellist Pawel Walerowski   - Black and White World with Pawel Walerowski was written when the war in Iraq started.  I was walking through the metro on my way to work at the US Embassy which at that time was surrounded by a security perimeter that included tanks. I was dismayed by the lack of depth in the political discourse at the time. Everything was either Black or White. 

Things You Gave Me - Sometimes an inventory of items exchanged during a relationship is what you have left to look at in the end. I think the style may have been inspired by Joni Mitchell. It is one of my earliest songs.

Closer to a Perfect Love - a torchy song, about how it almost seemed like true love! You're not afraid to be alone but sorry for the disappointment.

That's How It Goes - That's How It Goes is one of the many songs I wrote while living in France.  Becky Bouvier did the terrific job of arranging the harmonies.  When I have my daughter's help, I perform it live.  We've done it on guitar with a Caribbean beat too.

When Are You Gonna Bring My Boy Home - after attending an anti-war rally in Walnut Creek in 2005 and hearing a mother of a soldier speak, I had to write this.  Someday, I may get help to write an entire musical around it!

Doesn't the World Turn  - This was the first song I wrote in recent times, during a painful, messy divorce, I had this creative songwriting streak that kept me going! It's really about how major changes in life sometimes rush in and don't really give you a choice.  Lots of tarot images in the lyrics.

Hush - a sad song about a mom in pain hoping for better times.

Rosemary Parsley Sage - I had this idea about playing with Thyme and Time as I planted an herb garden. Stealing from the age old Scarborough Faire.

Bye Bye


Et Oui


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